IMPASUGONG, Bukidnon, September 9- In observance to International Humanitarian Law Day, Philippine Army personnel of 8th Infantry (Dependable) Battalion took their oath of reaffirmation to IHL during the flag-raising ceremony at the Battalion Headquarters, September 9.

During the Monday flag-raising ceremony, Dependable troopers took their oath to strictly adhere and abide by the provisions of the IHL in the discharge of their duties and functions especially on protecting the civilians and non-combatant humanely at all times. The oath was led by 1st Lieutenant Kenneth Cabbigat, CMO Officer of the unit. After this, the message from the Executive Secretary of the Presidential Human Rights Committee was delivered by Lieutenant Ronald Illana, Commanding Officer of the unit. In his message, he explicitly emphasized that for the Government to meet local terrorism and other terrorist threats head-on, it needs to use a strong arm of the law and all resources at its disposal. Further, he also expressed that the government remains zealous in protecting the defenseless and the vulnerable amid every conflict.

In this year’s theme, “IHL: Protecting the Defenseless in Times of Armed Conflict,” the celebration reminds combatants on the protection of the vulnerable – women, children, the aged, indigenous peoples, and persons with disabilities who had become victims of abuse of local terrorists and communist armed groups in the country.

International Humanitarian Law seeks to protect civilians and civilian objects from being used as military objects during armed conflicts. It is supported by other international laws and agreements, and local laws to ensure that our people not participating or no longer participating in hostilities are protected in these times.

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